The Telecom Industry:

The Indian Telecom Industry has been growing and expanding at an alarming rate and so has the manpower requirements of the Industry. We at AKNA, spend time and effort in understanding out clients specific workforce requirements in the telecom sector before sourcing high performance individuals who can enhance their business performances and brilliantly fulfill their staffing needs.

The termtelecommunication or telecom refers to the process by which signals are transmitted over a distance for communication via cable, telephone, radio, telegraph etc. the technological advancement of this sector has made it a vital tool for organizations to grow and expand globally.
The Telecom industry includes a whole gamut of wired and wireless communication services comprising of basic telephony, mobile telephony, radio services, satellite communication, internet, internet services, video conferencing etc.

With high speed internet connections gaining paramount importance, the telecom industry offers great opportunities for global telecom service providers and other related infrastructure and service companies. India has great potential for growth in the local manufacture of telecom equipment and it needs to be pursued seriously.

Technological up gradation of the telecom industry has bought it close to the common man and within his range. This movement has sought a deeper penetration of various channels of the industry.

Career Options in the telecom industry: The telecom industry is growing at an alarming pace and global investors are queuing up for India which because of its large population which spells better and long term gains for these telecom stalwarts.

he telecom industry is probably one of the few Industry segments which has exhibited such exorbitant growth rate and has created opportunities of those who are specailised in the field, have prior experience in the sector and freshers as well. Professionals of various educational qualifications ranging from MBA’s to MCA’s find favour in the industry.

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