Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry:

Fast Moving consumer Goods are products that have a quick shelf turnover, at relatively low cost and don't require a lot of thought, time and financial investment to purchase. The margin of profit on every individual FMCG product is less. However the huge number of goods sold is what makes the difference. Fast Moving Consumer Goods is a classification that refers to wide range of frequently purchased consumer products including: toiletries, soaps, cosmetics, teeth cleaning products, shaving products, detergents, other non-durables such as glassware, bulbs, batteries, paper products and plastic goods, such as buckets.

Indian FMCG Industry:

The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is poised to achieve an overall growth between 8%-8.5% in 2005-06, up 2-2.5% over the growth rate clocked in the previous year. This optimistic prognosis is revealed by the Survey on the FMCG sector carried out by FICCI's research division.

Why should one opt for a career in FMCG Industry?
1.It's a stable industry. There's a saying in the industry that goes "everyone has to eat." To this we would add "and wash their clothes and brush their teeth." Unlike some industries, such as automobiles, computers, and airlines, FMCG does not suffer from mass layoffs every time the economy starts to dip. You may put off buying a car, but you don't put off dinner. This lends FMCG a level of job security unknown in other industries.

2. Its a high profile industry Everyone is a consumer. This makes the industry personally relevant as everyone is personally affected. One can notice many headlines in the newspapers and in the media about FMCG related topics: protests against the genetic modification of foods, adulteration, the growing problem of obesity etc. People get more excited about and care more deeply about the products they put in their bodies or use everyday. This can be good or bad, but it's never boring

3. You get a depth of experience very quickly FMCG as a Industry segment is extremely dynamic and highly susceptible to public opinion and choice bringing in a lot of changes from time to time. There is always a lot of product innovation, offbeat marketing activities, product launches, sophisticated methods of production etc taking place in this segment. People also get exposed to team management in the early stages of their career which enables them to become better managers and leaders. No matter what area one wishes to work in, sales, marketing, operations, accounting, etc., he can expect to get more experience in less time working in FMCG than in any other sector of the economy.

4. Its an industry that thrives on innovation
FMCG offers an opportunity to express one’s creativity through developing new ideas for products, packaging, branding and advertising. There is a constant cycle of regular product improvements and updates as brands compete head to head on the shelf. There are also the new products that come out of nowhere to define a market; products like Kurkure from PepsiCo, No Marks cream, Bacardi Breezer are fine examples.

5. You can get a wide range of experience
The "fast moving" part of FMCG requires people who are flexible. Flexibility requires a wide toolkit and a range of experience. Progression from operations to sales to marketing are not uncommon; in smaller companies all three may occur in one role, while in larger organizations people might get additional responsibilities apart from their own domain as they keep growing within.

6. There are opportunities nationwide, both urban and rural
Unlike some industries that are concentrated in the major cities, FMCG offers opportunities nationwide to those that are interested. FMCG, through its connection to the primary sector, offers opportunities in smaller cities and rural areas.

7. Your job can take you around the world
India because of its varied topography, different cultures and the presence of all major global MNC’s is a highly respected training ground for FMCG skills and experience. Indian talent is not only appreciated locally but globally as well, with many well deserving experts serving important portfolios internationally in the same field.
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