The dedicated team at AKNA has been serving the manpower requirements of a large number of clients in the retail sector. Our ability to gauge the specific work force, needs of a client stems directly from our experience in and an understanding of retailing sector in India.

The Retail Industry
The term retail refers to the business of selling goods and services in small quantities to the end consumer. Seen as a combination of many different departments the retail sector includes companies and businesses like departmental stores, clothing, toy stores, supermarkets, drug stores, car dealers and gas stations etc.
The Indian Retail Industry:
It has been estimated that the organized segment of the Indian retail industry is generating about 2% of the GDP in India plus huge employment opportunities for the youth. Over time retailing in India has matured, become more organized and expanded to meet consumer demands. So much so that it is believed that India has the highest density of the retail outlets in the world.

An increase in the disposable income of the urban middle class as well as maturing markets have made the Indian retail industry very attractive to International retail giants who are looking at investing in this large and promising industry. Though still protected from FDI, its possible entrance coupled with import liberalization and entry of modern retailers is also being seen as a threat to the large percentage of family oriented and local retailers in India.

The retail industry in the other developed and developing countries such as the US, Asia, Latin America is much more organized as compared to India. However, India’s retail industry is on an upward swing with some of the worlds biggest chains entering India such as Walmart and Tresco and the next few years promises record breaking developments for this industry.

Careers in the Retail Industry:
With the unprecedented growth of the retail sector all over the world, the career opportunities in retail are ever increasing and attractive.

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